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Sunday, August 16, 2009
surprise entry

i miss blogging on blogger so i decided to drop by and update this blog for fun.
so HELLO blogger!

there's so many things to say. i'm doing really good, no doubt.
but definitely with the presence of that someone, my life is so much better.
he is everything i could ever asked for.

"sometimes you yearn for someone perfect but nobody can be perfect.
be grateful of what you have around you." -quoted by dil.

i love his personality the most. his smile and laughter. his loving nature.
he never fails to give the best advice and cheer you up when you're having a bad day.
he is always there in times when you need him.

he is definitely someone worth it. he is priceless. :D

a post dedicated to dil. :)

another sweetest escape
6:05:00 PM

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I don't need anyone to tell me what do and not to do.
I know what I'm doing and I'll do what I'm going to do.
Meanwhile you just go and dig up something useful to nose about.
Friends who know me, feel free to ask my new blog url via msn.
Thanks! :)

P.s: I'm just tired of this blog, I guess. I know I keep on saying it but still on it.

Meanwhile let's just go gaga over this cutesy baby.

Indonesian babies with mixed heritage are adorable beyond belief.

another sweetest escape
11:38:00 PM

Sunday, May 31, 2009
Alone again

Baby hear my cry, just bear the obvious in my eyes
To hear this emptiness going through a drum like my life depend on you

You'll be my first to last. <3

Akhirnya ku sendiri lagi
Setelah lewati hariku dengannya
Akhirnya ku termenung lagi
Cinta berlalu begitu saja

Tak pernah ku dapat yang setia
Apa karna ku tidak sempurna
Selalu saja aku yang salah
Dan akhirnya aku yang menderita

Lagi dan akhirnya ku sendiri lagi
Karna kekasihku yang pergi
Meninggalkan sejuta kerinduan
Yang masih terpendam
Perih yang membuat hatiku sakit lagi
Karna pergi dan tak kembali
Meninggalkan sejuta kerinduan
Yang masih terpendam

Sedih kisah cintaku ini
Rapuh hatiku saat ini
Sedih jalan cintaku ini
Dan akhirnya yang terjadi kini...


Kerinduan yang masih terpendam

I love this song, cause Vetto loves it.
Nah kidding. I love it more than he does. :P
Another late night call from him.
I'm lovin it. Hahahaha.

another sweetest escape
10:28:00 PM